YATS Colony



YATS Colony is a multiple and inclusive collection of memories. It is a home for a hotel, a bistro, a boutique and a collaborative working space, built from the compassion of the founding family. YATS Colony holds the value that hospitality is affinity, not focusing on the service constraint but anchoring on pure acts of compassion for others' comfort. The hotel began with the recognition that guests should feel like they should be there. Their experience coming in are as effortless as when they step into their homes. The bistro celebrates warmth and the perfectly imperfections of grandma's kitchen, serving memory-accompanied cuisine, bakery and coffee. The boutique comprises pieces of effort from friends and families with a hopeful message to be a part of everyone's life. Lastly, the collaborative working space combines the best thing of working alone and the best thing of collaboration. It's a home for people to feel safe in exploring offbeat projects or embracing regularity within their personal bubble. YATS Colony honors to keep the foundation in the family for a very long forthcoming. But the colony also understands that satisfaction is a lot more exciting when the work is done together. And above all, this is what makes the colony genuine and special. "Stay. And make the most of it"