Founder & CEO
I don’t set out myself to be a great hotelier, I just set out to make hospitality look different

I have met hundreds and thousands of great hoteliers since I decided to work in the hotel business in 2002 and many of them inspire me to where I am today.

Graduated with no hotel background, I pursued my Bachelor Degree in Architecture & Construction and Master Degree in Property Management in the US. In addition to that, I worked for years in construction and architectural company until I return to Indonesia then worked for a corporate office of Hilton Indonesia. This is my first hotel experience, as a Corporate Project Development Manager. It never occurred to me that this could be the beginning of my professional career in Hotel business. Five years later, I was promoted to General Manager position then Director of Operation with the same company before I decided to join Santika Indonesia and IHG, maintaining my General Manager position.

During my tenure in General Manager position, in 2012, I pursued more education at Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration for General Manager Program (GMP).

Today as I build my own business, I have a simple dream in my life. “I want to make those who work in the hotel the best of what they can be”. I want to further develop those with skills and believes, those who are driven with empathy to environments, customers, colleagues, and owners.

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Taking Hotel Business to the Next Level

It has been kind of a long process to have the understanding on how to run the hotel business that works with her style of leadership and impulsively not only focus on how to earn higher GOP but also how to sustain the services as part of the business model for the future. “We are now in the era to focus more on how we take the business sustainability to the next level”.

Introduced to the hospitality industry early in life, Shindi learned how to manage the family owned properties in Indonesia. Trained independently, armed with her industrial engineering and master of finance background, she then decided to carry on her career from a low level production crew in a concert promoter company to financial institutions, and now she is the CEO of her own hotel management company, Singgasana Hotels & Resorts.

Shindi is known as a passionate leader who consistently shares many lessons from business strategies, to leaderships and mentors others to get ahead in their careers. With A&R Hospitality, she stays her course, sharing her perspectives on how hotel owners can leverage their brands with its service quality, both to employees and to our guests. “This is how we build trust, loyalty and direction on where the business needs to be.

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