1. Cooperation and communication with each FC intensively hotel
  2. Develop a financial plan short-term and long-term comprehensive
  3. Together with a team of operational efficiency and prepare a work plan for the development of improvisation revenue:
    • Monitor departmental budget and P & L
    • Analyzing all the variables work that contributes to the cost of the department
    • Analyzing Chart of Accounts in every department
    • Analyze the execution and work plans weekly and monthly
  4. Initiate and monitor the implementation of the policy and procedure for accounting and finance hotel
  5. Hotel hotel ensures carrying out the process of accounting and finance efficiently and refers to the standard hotel accounting system
  6. Provide oversight (regularly) on the entire accounting process carried out by the finance team hotel and daily routine
  7. Compile and then monitor the internal control audit check list and berkalan perform Audit Assessment
  8. Reviewing the results of tax calculations are prepared by the finance team hotel.
  9. Reviewing monthly Balance Sheet and Bank Reconcilliation Report
  10. Provide guidance in the preparation of the annual budget and monthly operational forecast
  11. Review and analyze all aspects of operating costs
  12. Provide training for accounting & finance