1. Fully shared with the ranks of Division oversee the process control and monitoring functions to all activities of the operational unit hotel
  2. Initiate and monitor the entire work of the General Manager, the ranks of EAM, and all levels of the Department Head in running operational work in accordance with the operational standards and policies that have been agreed by the Division of Hotels
  3. Hotel Assessment held regularly (for a new hotel to open will be done every month for 6 months) from Guest Pre-Arrival, Arrival, and Post-Arrival
  4. Hotel Assessment can be done in a planned or impromptu visits or so-called Mystery Guests. This is done with the purpose to provide feedback or input is based on the actual facts on the ground.
  5. Preparing for the development of human resources and conduct training & development on a regular basis, in accordance with kebutuan and field conditions
  6. Preparing candidates cadre / talent in particular the level of General Manager and Department Head ranks.
  7. Help the recruitment process for all levels of staffing levels