1. Establish cooperation and coordination with the sales and marketing team of each hotel to formulate concrete steps to map the target market segments
  2. Leading overall group sales & marketing to build and execute a sales strategy and action plan (created by each hotel) and make sure any incoming revenue in accordance with expected revenue target
  3. Establish intensive communication with each component associated with the revenue department, for example: F & B Department, Front Office, etc.
  4. Identify whole business opportunities to increase revenue and create opportunities so they can be executed by a team of sales & marketing every hotel
  5. Together with the Corporate PR Manager of Hotel compile Brand Standard that still can not map well, because many of its changes (additional work and less), especially in the interior
  6. Brand Standard covers throughout the preparation of aspects from architectural, interior, and operational standards.
  7. In running the function of Marketing Communications (Marcom), the most important is to develop and define patterns of communication to the public that is aligned with the concept of hotel.
  8. Communication patterns could include giving a review and oversee all marketing activities using either digital platforms, social media, events, etc.